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Universal Background Checks 

  • Mandatory federal background checks through the National Instant Criminal Background Check System on all firearm sales in Ohio and the United States.

  • The background checks must be more efficient and inclusive of all data.

Assault Weapons Ban

  • Ban all assault style weapons and copycat versions.

Bump Stocks

  • Statewide and/or Federal Ban on all accessories allowing the conversion of semi-automatic weapons to automatic equivalents.

Extended Magazines

  • Extended magazines are unnecessary and can make shootings even more deadly.

Mandatory Waiting Periods

  • Mandatory waiting period on all firearm sales in Ohio and the United States  to allow for background check.

Extreme Risk Protection Orders (ERPO)

  • A court may issue an order requiring all firearms in the home of a certain “high risk individual” to be temporarily seized by law enforcement while this person's risk to themselves or others is assessed by the court.

Concealed Firearms

  • No firearm may be legally carried without a permit in a public place. No firearm may be brought into certain locations (schools in particular) other than the service weapons of active duty law enforcement officers.

Close Dangerous Loopholes

  • Expand the categories of persons prohibited from purchasing a firearm 

  • Close the “boyfriend loophole” 

  • Close “Charleston Loophole” 

  • Ban those convicted of stalking, domestic violence, and hate crimes, from purchasing firearms 

Red Flag Bill

  • Those who are reported by family or friends for violent acts or threats can have their guns taken away by authorities. 

Stand Your Ground

  • Stand Your Ground laws allow someone to use deadly force with a firearm against any perceived threat, without the requirement of attempting retreat. Most versions of Stand Your Ground bills establish that an individual has “no duty to retreat”. These laws can cause an increase in gun violence deaths.

Tying in Mental Health

  • Mental health is a legitimate issue. It needs to be addressed when looking at gun ownership, but cannot be a deflecting statement from political action.

Gun Violence as a Public Health Crisis

  • Introduce and pass legislation declaring gun violence a public health crisis at the city, state, and federal, level. 

Fully Fund CDC Research of Gun Violence

  • To fully understand the scope of the gun violence epidemic Congress must fully fund the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to conduct thorough, evidence-based, research, using a public health model.

Outlaw 3D-printed Guns and Ghost Guns

  • “Ghost guns” are guns that lack a serial number and therefore can not be traced back to the original owner, making it near impossible for law enforcement to track down owners of ghost guns found at crime scenes.

  • 3D-printed guns also lack serial numbers, but are also often made of almost entirely plastic making them invisible to modern security systems, like metal detectors. 

Implementation of the March For Our Lives Peace Plan

  • Change the standards of gun ownership

  • Halve the rate of gun deaths in 10 years

  • Accountability for the gun lobby and industry

  • Name a director of gun violence prevention

  • Generate community-based solutions

  • Empower the next generation


State Bureau of Gun Violence Prevention

  • Create a Bureau of Gun Violence Prevention in the Ohio Department of Health to coordinate and lead state efforts to end gun violence in Ohio, and use a public health model to address the epidemic that is gun violence.

End Family Fire

  • Family Fire is a shooting involving an improperly stored or misused firearm found in the home. Everyday eight children and teens are killed by Family Fire. 

  • Congress should pass legislation encouraging safe storage through tax incentives; requiring all firearms to be sold with gun storage or safety devices; require safe storage warnings be issued with every gun purchase; fund research, development, and manufacturing of “smart gun” technology; and mandate magazine disconnects that make a gun inoperable when the magazine is removed from the gun. 

Focus on Minority and Low Income Violence as a Result of Gun Violence

  • Most attention is directed at mass shootings, but most deaths come from handguns and everyday violence that disproportionately affects minorities.  

Fight for Expansion of Shotspotter Systems

  • Shotspotter systems detect when a shot is fired from a gun and triangulates the shooter’s location. It allows First Responders to arrive quicker, and leads to a reduction in gun violence.

Require Licensing for Gun Dealers

  • Introduce legislation that would require licensing for gun dealers. Licenses would be handed out by the ATF.

Restrict Bulk Firearm Purchases

  • Enact federal restrictions on bulk purchases of both firearms and ammunition.

Community Based Initiatives

  • Increase State and Federal budget allocations for community-based coalition partners that work to prevent or mitigate gun violence, as well as organizations that help victims and survivors. 

  • Organizations that represent communities of color; suicide survivors and victims; domestic violence prevention organizations; mental health and behavioral service organizations; and police retraining programs, would all receive increase funding from the state and federal government.

Hold ATF Accountable 

  • A small amount of gun dealers engage in reckless and illegal practices that put Americans more at risk of gun violence, and the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) knows who these gun dealers are, yet continues to allow them to remain in business. 

  • Congress should exercise increased oversight of the ATF. 

Eliminate the Tiahrt Amendment 

  • In 2003, the Tiahrt Amendment was first added to a bill funding the ATF and limited the ATF from publicly disclosing information from the Firearms Trace System database. The amendment has come to be interpreted to shield the most negligible gun dealers from public scrutiny, while also depriving the public of key data to help stem the flow of illegal guns.

Repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce In Arms Act (PLCAA)

  • PLCAA provides the gun industry with special protections from civil lawsuits at the expense of victims of gun violence. The PLCAA removes key incentives for the gun industry to adopt lifesaving business practices and instead provides cover to irresponsible gun dealers who supply the criminal gun market. No other American industry enjoys such civil immunity. 

  • Congress should repeal the PLCAA so that all victims and survivors may have their day in court.

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